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Welcome to the WhatsNear Web and Mobile Application!

The 1st Market Place where the demand and the supply of the different Categories of Transport Services meet. By bringing together several categories of transport providers, WhatsNear makes it easier for free to connect these providers with people who urgently need their services.

How it works ?

The concept of WhatsNear is simple:

  • We install our GPS beacons on motorcycles, tricycles, cars and trucks of various providers, thanks to which GPS beacons, we provide owners with all the Security and Fleet Management services that we can expect from a GPS Tracking Company.
  • We reference these cars in the WhatsNear search engine, where they will automatically update their location, information (prices, characteristics, etc.) and their availability in real time.
  • We communicate with people who may need the services of each of these providers, to let them know that they can use WhatsNear to find an available and close provider when they need their services. So, when a person needs a Carrier, they only need:
  • Access WhatsNear via his computer or smartphone (via the mobile application) where he can view all the transport providers grouped by category and choose the category he wishes to request
  • Geolocate the vehicles of service providers in the chosen category that are available and located near the place they want
  • Choose a vehicle based on its proximity to the desired location, its characteristics and its rating, then retrieve its number on WhatsNear to contact the owner or write to him via the application and negotiate directly with him the terms of the service.
  • Assign it the race on the application
  • Follow in real time his route throughout the course of the service
  • At the end of the race, note the service received from this service provider, which note will serve to inform the future choices of other users.
  • Report any incident occurring during a collaboration with a service provider

Categories of service providers referenced

With 14 different categories of transport services grouped together in a single Application, we offer 14 good reasons to download and use WhatsNear more regularly to find the ideal service provider when you need a given car service.


Are you a provider of one of these categories of services?
If so, contact us to reference your vehicles in WhatsNear

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